PRINCIPLE No1. HIGH QUALITY. In the production of tank equipment for breweries, Techimpex uses only high-quality stainless steel AISI304 (DIN 1.4301) manufactured by ThyssenKrupp (Germany). The necessary auxiliary equipment (pumps, electric motors, compressors, electronic devices, etc.) is purchased from leading European manufacturers. All this in combination with the instructions received from the manufacturer of the brewing equipment - Techimpex company, ensures the excellent operation of the brewery for many decades.

PRINCIPLE No2. GREAT SERVICE. Preparation of a project for placing the brewery in your premises, indicating all the necessary communications (electricity, water, sewage), strict adherence to the timing of production, ensuring the transportation of the brewery, installation, commissioning, first brewing of beer, staff training, warranty service are included in the price of the delivered brewery equipment. When shipping the breweries, all the necessary documentation is provided for transportation and customs clearance, as well as for the opening and registration of production (copy of the export customs declaration, certified copy of the Certificate of Conformity to EU standards, ISO 9001: 2008 certificate, original and certified copy of the Certificate of Origin, technical passport, recipes and technology for brewing several types of beer), and, if necessary, other necessary documents. In addition to the warranty service included in the price, Techimpex is ready to provide post warranty service for the supplied brewing equipment.

PRINCIPLE No3. AFFORDABLE PRICE. The prices of the breweries produced by Techimpex are fully consistent with their quality and more than 25 years of experience in the production of breweries and are quite competitive in the market. When drawing up a commercial proposal, the principle of price transparency is respected. The commercial proposal must indicate the price of individual nodes of the brewery, as well as the final price of the brewery, which includes the cost of installation, training and beer production technology. And the cost of transporting the brewery must be separately indicated. When buying a brewery from Techimpex, you work directly with the manufacturer, which eliminates the additional costs of intermediaries.

Guarantees of compliance with the principles:

Experience: Techimpex uses decades of proven manufacturing technology and constantly enhances the skills of its employees. The company employs dozens of specialists with vast experience: welders, electronics specialists, mechanics, brewers and other specialists needed to produce high-quality brewing equipment.

Own production: The headquarters of Techimpex is located in the border with Hungary, the Slovak city of Komarno, located on the Danube River, about halfway between the Hungarian capital Budapest and the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. The company’s production facilities are located in Hungary and are equipped with all the necessary equipment and quality control devices to produce excellent, high-quality brewing equipment. Techimpex operates three breweries of its own production where it constantly tests new units for mini-breweries and breweries, and new beers are also being developed.

Hospitality and transparency: Techimpex is always ready to receive its future partners, who are given a great opportunity to personally talk with leading specialists and engineers of the company and visit the breweries in production, as well as the opportunity to personally visit one of the existing Techimpex breweries and discuss the intricacies of brewing with a technologist -brewer of the company and of course taste and evaluate beer brewed at this brewery.

Brewing raw materials: Techimpex is ready on an ongoing basis to provide its partners with high-quality brewing raw materials from trusted European manufacturers from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Germany. Brewing raw materials are supplied only to enterprises in which Techimpex breweries are in operation, which gives these enterprises an additional advantage over competitors.

Beer: Techimpex breweries brew excellent beer of almost all varieties. The cost of each brewery includes four branded, proven over the years, beers that are recognized by connoisseurs and awarded with highest dignity at various international competitions. Within one beer, depending on the type, quantity and ratio of malt, hops and yeast, various taste shades and beer strength can be achieved, from light varieties with a low alcohol content of 3.3%, then with an average alcohol content of 4.4% and enough strong beer with an alcohol content of 6%, and by special order and above. In addition, Techimpex brewers can develop other beers according to your order.

Geography of supplies: Techimpex breweries are installed and operate worldwide, from the northernmost borders of the Eurasian continent to the very south of the African continent, from the west of the American continent to the Far East, inclusive. Since 1995, Techimpex has supplied more than 200 mini-breweries and breweries of various capacities throughout the world.